Note: The Togaware suite of data scientist’s templates are being migrated to a contemporary R and Python style as presented in the Essentials book. The original suite of templates is available from the OnePageR web site.

Two end-to-end sample templates are available for quickly getting started with binary classification type machine learning modelling: weatherAUS: Rnw, R, PDF; audit Rnw, R, PDF.

The Data Preparation Template data.Rnw (and its corresponding R script data.R and generated PDF data.pdf) provide a starting point for any data science task focused on ingesting, wrangling, cleaning, and transforming data in preparation for analytic modelling. The templates are provided as LaTeX documents using KnitR to incorporate dynamic R code output. The LaTeX .Rnw file and the .R script automatically generated from the KnitR .Rnw document can be loaded, managed, and edited in RStudio. The Data Preparation task can be further separated into distinct steps:
Setup; Ingest; Observe; Prepare; Meta Data; Save.